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Container Sales Melbourne

Container sales Melbourne, by leading Melbourne container sales company, Crown Containers, are conducted with the utmost professionalism at their Melbourne container facility.

Our Melbourne container facility is based in Altona North and caters to all regional Victoria and the Melbourne metropolitan area for shipping container sales Melbourne.

When dealing with one of Melbourne’s leading container suppliers, you will be greeted by knowledgeable and pleasant staff, who can offer advice on all your container requirements.

10ft Shipping Container Sales

10ft Containers

New and Used 10ft Containers For Sale

✓ 10ft Dry Storage Containers
✓ 10ft Insulated Containers
✓ 10ft Refrigerated Containers
✓ Accessories Available
✓ Choice of Colours

20ft Shipping Container Sales

20ft Containers

New and Used 20ft Containers For Sale

✓ 20ft Dry Storage Containers
✓ 20ft Refrigerated Containers
✓ 20ft Dangerous Goods Containers
✓ 20ft Open Top Containers
✓ 20ft Flat Rack Containers

40ft Shipping Container Sales

40ft Containers

New and Used 40ft Containers For Sale

✓ 40ft Dry Storage Containers
✓ 40ft Insulated Containers
✓ 40ft Refrigerated Containers
✓ 40ft Open Top Containers
✓ 40ft Flat Rack Containers

Container Modifications Melbourne

Custom Containers

Custom Container Conversions Available

✓ 10, 20 and 40ft Container Conversions
✓ Engineer Certificates
✓ Choice of Doors
✓ Choice of Windows
✓ Complete Fitouts

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Container Specialists

Our skilled Melbourne shipping container sales team offer a range of shipping containers for sale that include the following;

  • General Purpose Container Sales Melbourne
  • Insulated Container Sales Melbourne
  • Refrigerated Container Sales Melbourne
  • High Cube Container Sales Melbourne
  • Open Top Container Sales Melbourne
  • Flat Rack Container Sales Melbourne

All our container sales come with options that may include a choice of colours, whirly birds for better air circulation, a range of container doors and windows, as well as specialised builds.

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    Customer Excellence

    Crown Containers management has been operating, with excellence, on the frontline of the shipping container industry for over 20 years. Being an established container business with a professional attitude and affordable products and services, is what has helped the growth of our company.

    Our shipping container sales department is based in Melbourne and  provides a skilled professional service on all Melbourne shipping container sales.

    Whatever your container solution requirements are, you can be assured that you are working with a skilled & enthusiastic container solution driven team.

    • Container fleet management
    • Skilled shipping container team
    • Solution driven container sales team
    • 100% Australian Owned

    Your first contact with our solution providing shipping container company will be met by our knowledgeable staff, who can offer advice on all aspects of a shipping container.

    Our lead times are exceptional and our rapid response times wont let you down. So, if it’s a professional container service in Melbourne you require, call our Melbourne container sales hotline today on 03 9069 7455.

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