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Container Modifications Melbourne

Container modifications Melbourne, by leading Melbourne shipping container modifications company, Crown Containers, are conducted with the utmost professionalism at their Melbourne shipping container modifications facility.

Our Melbourne shipping container modifications services are based in Altona North and caters to all regional Victoria and the Melbourne metropolitan area for container modifications Melbourne.

When dealing with one of Melbourne’s leading shipping container modifications services, you will be greeted by knowledgeable and pleasant staff, who can offer advice on all your shipping container modification requirements.

Container Modification Types

  • Switch rooms
  • Site offices
  • Granny flats
  • Work Shops
  • Kitchens
  • Wash Rooms
  • Canteens
  • School POD boxes
  • Ablution blocks
  • Lunchrooms
  • Compressor/Generator housing containers
  • Cafes
  • First Aid Offices
  • DNV Offshore containers
Shipping Container Shop Modification

Container Modifications For Retail

Modified Shipping Container For Retail Shop

This shipping container modification was designed to be used as a retail shop in Melbourne. It was constructed using two 40ft shipping containers.

Modification Specs

✓ Insulation
✓ Triple Stack Sliding Doors
✓ Split System Air Con
✓ Modern Electrical Pack including LED Downlights
✓ Gas Strut Awnings
✓ Timber Facades
✓ Merbau Portable Decking
✓ Non Slip Lino Flooring

When creating this container conversion we worked with the customer at every level during the design stage and the construction stage. The finished product combined two containers with multiple entrances and services, the larger sized doors and high ceiling provided great lighting and a genuine retail feel.

Site Office Mine Site

Container Modifications For Mine Sites

Modified Shipping Container For Site Office

This shipping container modification was designed to be used as a site office on a mine site in Victoria. It was constructed using one 20ft shipping container.

Modification Specs

✓ Insulation
✓ Personal Access Door
✓ Internet & Phone Connection
✓ Standard Electrical Pack with LED Baton Lights
✓ Rain Guard
✓ External Sink
✓ 4 Large Modern Windows

This container conversion was purpose built for a site office and gatehouse and used exclusively at a mine site located in the North of Victoria. This site office stands like a beacon in its bright yellow glory at the sites main entrance.

Melbourne Generator Modifications

Container Modifications For Industrial

Modified Shipping Container For Industrial Generator

This shipping container modification was designed to be used as a power generator in an industrial complex in Victoria. It was constructed using one 20ft shipping container.

Modification Specs

✓ Ventilated Steel Doors
✓ Sound Proof Internal Cladding
✓ Recessed Exhaust Fans
✓ Steel Floor
✓ Roof Hatches

This converted shipping container unit was delivered to site and fitted with a diesel generator and noise levels were kept at a minimum.

Secure Site Office

Container Modifications For Construction Sites

Modified Shipping Container With Security Windows

This shipping container modification was designed to be used as a secure site office on a construction site in Melbourne. It was constructed using one 20ft shipping container.

Modification Specs

✓ Large Size Fixed Windows
✓ Security Bars
✓ Pigeon Hole
✓ Fixed Benches
✓ Roof Insulation
✓ Boxed Air Conditioning

This modified container was delivered to stand against a large concrete wall. The windows were placed at the opposite end allowing for maximum exposure to daylight. We also added a personal access door which was fitted to the side, making the job complete.

10ft Container Conversion

Custom Container Modifications

Custom Shipping Container Modification

This custom shipping container modification was designed to be used as a separate office & workshop. It was constructed using one 10ft shipping container.

Modification Specs

✓ Fire Resistant Panels
✓ Overhead & Under Bench Cabinets
✓ Three Phase Electrical Pack
✓ Fixed Work Bench
✓ Emergency EXIT doors
✓ Customised Two Pack Paint Job

This unique offshore workshop container was purpose built for the use on a platform in Bass Straight to provide an ultra safe workspace in what can be a dangerous environment.

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Shipping Container Modifications Specialists

Our expert Melbourne shipping container modifications team offers a range of customised containers built to exact specifications and meeting all Australian Standards. Our most popular conversions are;

  • Container Modifications to Granny Flat
  • Container Modifications to Site Office
  • Container Modifications to Workshop
  • Container Modifications to Cafe
  • Container Modifications to Shop
  • Container Modifications to Canteen

All our container modifications are designed and purpose built by skilled, and accredited, staff with over 45 years of combined experience in the container modifications industry.

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